Tuesday, June 21, 2011

iPhone Drawing (part one)

I was recently given an old iPhone by a friend - my first go at one. They're spanky, and it's nice to have the internet in your pocket when trying to avoid quality time with the family.

One thing i was interested in was the drawing apps, as being able to sketch on a device i have with me most of the time seemed quite handy. 

I was fairly doubtful of how they would work and the quality, but as it turns out, its very touch sensitive, and while it took some learning curve for me to pan a zoom effectively, the interface, while miniscule, seems reasonably useful.

Anyway, i downloaded one called Art Studio, and have been having a muck around with it.

Now if i could just work out how to clean to grit off the adhesive back under the screen protector to stop all the little bubbles occurring....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cock Fight

It is what it is. Two giant cocks battling it out to the death, in a desert dust bowl. Two cocks enter. One cock leaves. This is the way it has to be....

The title, based on that weird bird blood sport, was the obvious inspiration for this painting, but as i was sketching it out in the sketch book, i decided that i wanted to work on painting monumental scale, in a kinda fantasy art wankery way.

Last year sometime i saw some of the artwork done for that abysmal film Clash of The Titans. It was the Cracken emerging from the water,  and while the film was crap, this image was awesome, and the sense of scale of the beast was wonderful, and i kept in in mind while working on this.

The other thing i was looking to study was getting  movement in dust and atmosphere a little more, as the cocks would be rising up and thumping down and twisting like two snakes fighting, kicking up debris, and dust.