Thursday, May 19, 2011

Commission: Wedding Invitation

Now that the invitation has been sent out, i can upload the latest commission: a wedding invitation for my brother in-law and his fiance.

They asked for a superman theme, and this is the finished result.

I was trying to capture a bi of the Eamon's goofy fun nature, and Lois' kinda loving amusement by it. 

My initial sketch i had Lois holding Eamon, as it let me have a bit more fun making him look the part, but was asked to do the alternative one for comparison, which is the one they went with. I probably would have preferred the first one, but i'm still happy with how it turned out.

I manage to slip in a subtle play at them by flipping the 'S' on Eamons outfit, in honour if the dislexia that he wears proudly. I'll add that it wan't picked up until it was basically on it's way to the printer. Make of that what you will.

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