Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pencil 2D Animation Software Revisited

Well, maybe i should have found out about it sooner, but i just jumped straight in and began drawing... didn't look at te size of the area i was working to, just pushed through to about 1500 frames (no, not every frame, just the animatic...).

So, then i try to export and it can't handle a file over about 700px wide it would seem. Fine, i'll render it at 600 wide. But now the animation is really small, and can hardly be seen.

Try camera layer, you say? Right! Oh, hang on now nothing renders, though i do get a folder with an image sequence of the entire thing....

I think this may not be for me.

In import into Flash proved difficult with 1500, 1000px wide jpg's, and after a whole lot of crashing, went and batch resized the images for import in Photoshop. A million years later, importing a few humdred at a time seemed the best way.

Then came the deleteing of static frames - when pencil spat out the jpg sequence the were 12 frames or jpgs for every second that the picture stood still as well as for motion. This was expected but it did lead to a bit more arseing around than i was perhaps wanting.

Is there a lesson learned?


Anyway, here's where it's up to now spat out by Flash... the timing is still pretty bad but it's progress people, progress!


Anonymous said...

Premiere or After effects may have been an easier option, you can set the desired duration of your vid, and it will delete all that need be to make the vid work at your specified rate..

Then export it, if desired, convert it to flv or something once your done friggin wid it.

Yep, I've suffered many times the evils of Flash and Video production... Especially right on the deadline, emotions run high.. After all these years it's one of the most consistent bugs that Flash just hasn't been able to work out. Frecking annoying when dealing with anything over a certain Kb size.

Yep a good mix of those programs sorts things out in the end fairly well.. The prob is working out how to use them.



Blacker Pastures said...

Yeah, so far it's working with what i kinda know, but i'm not really in a hurry with this one. Wanted to try out some free software too, but i suppose you get what you pay for....

Reckon AfterEffects or Premiere might be too steep a learning curve to test in this case....

But point taken - might look into it.